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The 400,000-member American Bar Association (ABA) has one task force and one committee that specifically address animal law.

The Animal Law Committee of the The Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section (TIPS)

Description: “The mission of the Animal Law Committee is to evolve our thinking on animal issues for both the United States and the world. By attracting the best and brightest lawyers in this country, with a wide variety of perspectives, we will look at animal-related problems and issues today, and think about new ways to define, manage, and solve them. Utilizing problem-solving strategies, we will also look at the law as it exists today-fragmented around the country-and envision what it could be. The TIPS ABA Animal Law Committee will be the instrument of a paradigm shift, and will bring to the table and address legitimate business and economic interests, and humane concerns.” (From:

Chair: Gilda I. Mariani

Letter from the Chair:

Web page:


The American Bar Association’s Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section’s Animal Law Committee, has released its first annual newsletter. It contains articles on various animal law topics including pet owner liability and pet trusts.

The Animal Law Task Force of the Section of Environment, Energy and Resources

Description: “The Animal Law Task Force will deal with laws that affect wildlife, farm animals, work pets, and animals (but not endangered species).” (From