Bob Barker’s Donations To Law Schools

In 2001, Pearson Television donated $500,000 to the Harvard Law School in Bob Barker’s name to help fund an animal rights program.  Since then, Bob Barker has donated $1 million each to select law schools to help them implement an animal law program. In 2008, he gave his first $1 million donation to an undergraduate school, his Alma Mater – Drury University, for the purpose of creating an animal ethics program at the school. He has since given Drury an addition $1 million to establish a professorship on animal rights.

To date Bob Barker has made donations to the following schools:

Law Schools:

University of Virginia Law School ($1 Million)

Columbia Law School ($1 Million)

Duke Law School ($1 Million)

Georgetown Law School ($1 Million)

Harvard Law School ($500,000)

Northwestern Law School ($1 Million)

Stanford Law School ($1 Million)

UCLA Law School ($1 Million)

Undergraduate Schools:

Drury University (First $1 Million)

Drury University (Second $1 Million)